Saturday, 21 Sep 2019

iPhone 11 to Be Bundled With Fast Charging USB Type-C Charger: Report

iPhone 11 to Be Bundled With Fast Charging USB Type-C Charger: Report

Apple has bundled its USB Type-C charger with the latest iPad Pro models

  • 2019 iPhone family is rumoured to have a USB Type-C charger
  • iPhone XS and iPhone XR were previously reported to come with new charger
  • The existing charger has USB Type-A port

Apple is said to eventually drop the dated 5W charger and bundle its awaited USB Type-C charger with the iPhone 11. The new development comes just days after the Cupertino giant was spotted planning the iPhone 11 launch for September 10. The 2019 iPhone family is expected to include the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Last year, Apple was rumoured to unveil the iPhone XS₹ 96,900 and iPhone XR₹ 57,439 with a USB-C charger. The company, however, retained the traditional USB charger that has a USB Type-A port instead of the advanced USB Type-C port.

Charging peripherals-focussed website ChargerLab in a tweet claimed that the iPhone 11 would debut with an Apple USB Type-C charger. The source also speculated that the new model would be bundled with USB Type-C to Lightning cable.

Apple has so far bundled its traditional charger with the existing iPhone models. The charger has a USB Type-A port that works with the official USB Type-A to Lightning cable. However, the iPad Pro models come bundled with the new USB Type-C charger that offers fast charging support.

ChargerHub was interestingly the same source that last year reported the development of a USB Type-C charger for Apple’s 2018 iPhone family. But the company officially bundled its existing charger that supports 5W charging.

Nevertheless, it appears that the Tim Cook-led team is this time planning something different and would go with the new charger. In March, Japanese source Macotakara also reported that the 2019 iPhone family would come with a faster USB Type-C charger.