Saturday, 21 Sep 2019

Huawei Warns US Patent Curbs Would Hurt Global Tech

Chinese tech giant Huawei warned Thursday a US senator’s proposal to block the company from pursuing damages in patent courts would be a “catastrophe for global innovation.” The proposal comes amid mounting US action against Huawei, the biggest maker of switching gear for phone carriers, amid tension over Beijing’s technology ambitions. The company has been devastated by the Trump […]

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Huawei Files Lawsuit Against US Commerce Department Over Seized Equipment

Huawei Technologies filed a lawsuit against the US Commerce Department on Friday challenging whether telecommunications equipment it sent from China to the United States, and then back to China, is covered by Export Administration Regulations, according to a court filing. The lawsuit is the latest salvo in a battle between the US government and Huawei. Washington says the Chinese […]

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Samsung Galaxy M40 Goes on Open Sale in India

Samsung Galaxy M40 is now available for purchase in India through an open sale, Gadgets 360 has confirmed. The latest development comes just days after the latest Galaxy M-series handset was launched in the country. The Galaxy M40 was originally available through limited sale rounds via and Samsung Online Store in the country, though […]

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